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Should We Add the Digital Age to the Pages of Comic Book History?

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Should We Add the Digital Age to the Pages of Comic Book History?

You’d be hard pressed to find anything that hasn’t been swept up in the digital tide that has engulfed the globe in recent decades. Comic books and their characters are no exception, and based on recent social media trends, the tide is growing stronger daily.

Merging Traditional Artistry and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)

Revolutionary advancements in filmmaking and animation have teamed up with old-school techniques to deliver groundbreaking and visually astounding entertainment over the past decade or so. Cinematic masterpieces and innovative production processes have delivered our comic dreams in unprecedented and lucrative ways.

The Next Generation of Comic Book Fans and Creators

This summer was jampacked with blockbuster movies featuring superheroes, their origin stories, and the universes they inhabit. We have been collectively awed by the stunning visual effects that have brought our childhood cartoon and comic fantasies to the Silver Screen and into our homes.

Fans of all ages and walks of life have come together to celebrate this perfect union of technology and old-fashioned comic book awesomeness. Comic-Con has grown steadily in popularity, and in recent years, has become a massive enterprise that can be found just about anywhere around the world.

Comic Book Lovers Unite!

Converging upon a stadium, convention center, or other large venue, Comic-Con participants are given the opportunity to mingle with the creators, artists, marketers, engineers, and celebrities of the comic book industry. Children and the young at heart can experience the comic world in all its weird, colorful, passionately enthusiastic glory.

It’s not unusual for the average person to engage in conversations with celebrities without even knowing it, thanks to the fun of Cosplay and the advancements in costume, make-up and props. Even cooler is when they aren’t in disguise, and openly embrace the fans that support their work.

Comics Connect Us to Our Past and Future

If the Golden Age of Comics has passed into the last century, then I propose we dub our current era the Digital Age of Comics. The meshing of fan favorites with new storylines, cross-overs, and multi-media marketing has become second nature to comic book fans over the past 30 years.

Throwbacks, revamps, and origin stories have kept the plotlines fresh and exciting; or have faced public disdain the way only a raging Twitterstorm can convey succinctly. Social media campaigns have instigated revivals of iconic superheroes and fans have been rewarded for their devotion with cinematic masterpieces such as Wonder Woman and Avengers: Infinity War.

Take a Cue from Spidey and Check out the Web

Comic book fans have come out of the basement, so to speak, and have gone mainstream. You’ll find them on social media discussing comic book cannon or otherwise supporting the industry through their own artistic mediums.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter bring us closer to the caped crusaders, supervillains, and their creators on a level never before possible. The Digital Age of Comics is truly upon us.