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History of Comic Book Crossovers

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History of Comic Book Crossovers

From the record-shattering Infinity war to the 4 part DC Arrowverse crossovers, comic book crossovers are all the rage these days. They also have a pretty big history in the comic book form as well, with most crossovers actively changing the world around these characters.

After all, it takes a massive event to bring so many teams together, and the timeline of crossovers is pretty big.

Early Crossovers

Heroes from different comics and universes would team up and work together for an issue or two. The Flash would get help from the Elongated man or Firestorm in the pages of the Flash. Daredevil would cross paths with Spider-Man, Black Panther, and other Marvel heroes in his own comic, and even different villains showed up to menace a certain hero.

Gorilla Grodd would turn away from the Flash to fight Superman or The Hulk would battle the Mandarin who was an Iron Man foe. However, the true crossovers didn’t begin until later.

Fantastic four annual #3: The Wedding of Sue Storm and Reed Richards (1965)

Also beginning a long tradition of wedding brawls, Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman got married and invited various superheroes to their wedding. Doctor Doom decides to crash it and sends an army of villains to attack the wedding only to have the heroes defeat them.

This annual takes every hero that was published by Marvel at the time and brings them all in one book, with each hero getting at least a panel of action. It was popular for not just the event of the wedding but the battle surrounding it and kicked off Marvel’s love of Crossovers.

Showcase #100: There Shall Come a Gathering! (1978)

Showcase was a showcase, and it allowed DC Comics to create new heroes and show them off to the public to gauge reception before deciding what do to with them. In the 100th issue, an alien tries to pull Earth from orbit. When the main heroes aren’t enough to end this threat, almost every hero who appeared in the past 99 issues shows up to help.

While some were cameos, others got the opportunity to remind fans why they got their own series after their Showcase debut, and it was a great homage to a comic that that given so much to the DC universe.

Countless others

Those two were just the first major multi-team comic crossovers for their companies, and hundreds more crossover events across both industries only furthered the love of crossovers for the public. These crossovers also pitted hero against hero and allowed fans to finally see who would win in a fight between certain heroes.

Superman vs Batman, Hulk vs the Thing, Daredevil vs Doctor Doom and more all are scenes from iconic crossovers and world-changing events. These are becoming the norm in comics, and they will keep coming to explore new stories and pairings between various heroes and villains.

With the popularity of crossovers, it’s helpful to know that they aren’t going anywhere in the near future.